5 Step Design Process

1. Consultation 

Bernie will initially visit to meet with you, see your garden/site, find out what you would like for your outdoor space and get an idea of your budget -  this initial briefing visit usually takes approx. 2 hours.

2. Site Survey

For a small/medium sized garden a site analysis will then be carried out to measure the site, take note of existing elements, the aspect, check the drainage and ground levels, take a soil sample, etc.   For larger sites, this will be arranged with a professional land surveyor.

3. Concept Plan Meeting

Following on from our initial chat about your garden and using the information from the survey, a scaled plan view of your garden is drawn up.

Concept plans are then worked on to find the optimum design for your specific garden, illustrating the functional aspect and the use of hard and soft landscaping in 2-D on Autocad and 3-D sketches so you can visualise how the garden will look on completion.

A mood board of ideas to include examples of materials, trees, plants and other inspirations is compiled. Following a meeting to discuss the Concept Plan, any changes are then noted and a Master Plan is drawn up.

4. Master Plan

More detailed working drawings are rendered for the Master Plan to include details of proposed planting and hard landscaping such as paving, walling, etc. These more detailed drawings can be presented to the landscape contractor for implementation.

5. Planting Plan

A separate Planting Plan with plants clearly marked out on the plan, with plants specifically chosen to suit your site conditions and match the concept that makes your garden unique. 



Optional Extras

Project Monitoring

During the construction phase, I can monitor the works during key stages of the build to ensure that correct construction work and planting requirements are followed.  I can liaise with the Architect, Landscape Contractor, Electrician, etc. on aspects of construction details.  These activities will be billed separately at current hourly rates.

A Planting Maintenance Schedule

A maintenance schedule can be drawn up if requested.

​One Off Consultancy Service - Expert Advice

If you do not need a complete redesign of your garden and just need some expert advice on a particular aspect, for example advice on planting a new border, or revitalise a difficult area, then a one-off consultation can be arranged.


“Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint,

and the soil and sky as canvas.”

– Elizabeth Murray